Innovating the way to generate energy

GES, Gravitational Energy Systems became an product after 6 years of seed investment from the owners. Our roots lay in the process water treatment. Seawater desalination is the main focus of a spin-off company. 

Our gravitational idea came from our laboratory where we where testing equipment for oil spill recovery starting back in the year 2000.

Our team has done hundreds of brainsession series, build numerous prototypes, fail and improve to come to the latest technology. 

Free Energy

There are many frouds in the market claiming they produce “free” energy, in any case, free energy does not exist. You always need to add energy to gain energy. This is the basis of our technology. 

Smart ways to work with the potential energy and naturel forces gave us the benefits we work with now. Combining techniques on a smart and innovative way, thinking pout of the box, leaving the standard pathways.

A sofisticated solution for On-Grid as Off-Grid and remote energy production is ready for the WOLDWIDE LAUNCH!

Energy production by GES

There you can also find the generaties electricity by day with our system including a build up over the years.

Our commercial viable product is ready to market since May 2016.

Co2 reduction

Our energy production will greatly reduce greatly on the Co2 emissions.
Please check the Co2 barometer on the website.

Please login to see your companies C02 Barometer. It is possible to download your GES barometer and add this into your website or social media.

0,526 kg Co2 per Kwh with fossil fuel generated electricity

0,001 kg Co2 per Kwh with GES (including production, shipping, installation and servicing)

Innovating the way to generate energy

Our Gravitational Energy System (GES) contains the most advanced generation system on earth and complies with the International Standards for Clean Energy required by today’s planetary growth and sustainable industry.

To generate Power & Energy on site, without depending on fossil fuels and natural elements like wind and sun, allows sustainable and economic clean energy without transmission fees, using our GES interconnected to your substations or industrial distribution panels.

Standard systems will produce between 150 and 250 kWh per unit. As the technology is scalable we market for 500 kWh and larger systems. Currently we are in the final stage of developing and implementing a 100 MW system.

In combination with our BMS* it is possible to connect to the grid and sell the surplus of energy produced by GES without turning the system down.

Water&Energy for life integrates state of the art technology to generate electric power on site, with stable nominal current for different weathers, locations and needs.

*) Battery Management System

GES Features & Benefits

GES Features

  • Clean and cost effective energy production system
  • Gravitational to torque convertor
  • AC synchronous alternators
  • Air transfer module (Automation)
  • On and Off Grid start/stop system
  • Industrial control and system monitoring
  • Remote process monitoring
  • Modular expandable system to any desired capacity

GES benefits

  • Cleanest energy on the Planet
  • Fixed costs energy savings
  • 24/7 on demand energy
  • System ownership
  • Modular solution
  • Energy saving clean generator
  • Carbon free generation of energy
  • Real time supervision and tech support

Gravity Energy System

Our Gravitational Energy System uses buoyancy devices that exert ascending force using planetary gravity, transformed on mechanical torque and power driving our certified electric generators.

Your company may select the required units to generate the desired power or specify the required Mega Watts of constant nominal power for your industrial or private application.

Advantages of the GES unit

  • Immediate power availability thru the gravity tank fitting, using potable or treated water.
  • Every unit has embedded extra power storage for maintenance and diagnostic protocols (Redflow batteries included).
  • Power and energie generated by our certified generators (solar power only supplies energy).
  • Constant nominal power generated with no interruptions or voltage variations (220 or 440V).
  • No excavations or drilling required for equipment installation (engineering feasibility study required).
  • GES installations on site, eliminating power transmissions fees.

Generation data

Average cost of electricity

Nominal voltage:
220-240 V / 440–480 V

Requirement coverage:
100% energy supply and peak demand

Nominaal power per GES unit:
100% energy supply and peak demand

Yearly generation per system 500 kWh:
Approx. 4.250.000 KWh

Interconnection to the grid

Our electrical scope of work considers the interconnection of the GES system to the existing distribution panel up to 50 meters for the installation site.

The inteconnection to the grid scope of work is not included and will be quoted based on client’s requirements and specifications.

(Cents/Euro per KWh)

Minimal cost

Maximal cost

Average cost

Our company commitments

Extended optional guarantee after 10 years for immediate equipment replacement under failure.
Continuous real time monitoring to ensure proper operation and analytical trouble shooting.
Regional offices for customer service and equipment maintenance.
Customer monitoring of GES units with mobile devices (phones, tablets or laptops)
Modular projects to be interconnected on site from 1 MW up to 100 MW in 12 months.
Turn key approach for installation and energy protection.


Water & Energy for Life has filled a Worldwide patent on the technology.